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Why to Invest In Nagpur Real Estate

Big Opportunity

Why Is Investing In Nagpur A Smart Investment Decision?

Nagpur: According to a recent survey done in US and published by Silicon India, Nagpur has been rated as the best city to live in India based on factors such as quality of life, public transportation, greenery and health care services. Nagpur is the third most populous city in Maharashtra. It is famously known as the orange city of India due to the famous Nagpur Oranges which grow here and are imported all over the country. The literacy rate in Nagpur is very high. It is about 93 per cent which makes it one of the most literate cities in India. Housing here is available across various price ranges. If you are planning to invest in Real Estate Nagpur, this article will tell you why it a smart investment decision.

Political Hub: Nagpur is the place where Maharashtra State Assembly holds the winter session annually. Nagpur is also the headquarters of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), which is a major political organization in the country and is 89 years old!

Connectivity: Nagpur is very well connected to the rest of the country via roadways, railways and airways.

Airport: Nagpur has an international airport. It is now easily connected to the rest of the world especially
places like Singapore, UAE, United States of America, United Kingdom and so on. This has really
become a boon for residents of Nagpur .The process of expanding the airport is under way and now we will have a Multi-modal International Cargo Hub and Airport at Nagpur (MIHAN). This project is dived into 2 parts. The airport will also serve as a cargo hub. Secondly, there will be a Special Economic Zone(SEZ) which will also have a residential zone spread across a wide area of land.

Industrial Activity: The industrial activity happening in and around Nagpur has benefitted it greatly, escalating its real
estate prices. It is mainly known for its mining industry. There are many government-owned mining 
companies with headquarters here. It also has the very famous Butibori Industrial estate, which is the biggest industrial estate in Asia, It has companies like Gammon India, Hyundai Unitech, rama Synthetics, ACC Nihon Castings etc. On the west of Nagpur there are over nine hundred industrial
units. Some very prominent companies are based here like Haldirams, Vicco, Ajanta Toothbrushes and Mahindra and Mahindra.

Educational Hub: There are some top-quality educational institutes located here. This area had over thirteen medical colleges and twenty seven engineering colleges. Indian Institute of Management (IM) and All India Institute of Medical Services (AIMS) are opening up branches here.

Metro: Just like the rest of India, places within Nagpur will now be easily connected with the Nagpur metro. The metro will have thirty six stations. As of now the metro is under construction. This will reduce the congestion and traffic jams in the city and further boost the economic development.

Tourist Attraction: Nagpur attracts a lot of tourists. Sitabuldi Fort, Seminary hills, Deekshbhoomi, Maharajbhaj Zoo, Aadasa temple etc. are some popular tourist destinations within the city. Nagpur also has many natural and artificial lakes. Ambazari Lake, Shukrawari Lake, Futala Lake are some of the popular lakes here. It also has many tiger scantuaries. Bor Tiger Reserver, Pench National Park, Melghat Tiger Reserve Tado- Andhari Tiger Reserve etc are some famous tiger reserves in and around Nagpur.

Pleasant Climate:
Even though it is very hot during summers, all the other seasons are very pleasant here. Nagpur enjoys plenty of rainfall and cool winters.

Quality of Life: Third greenest city in the country. The standard of living is high here. The infrastructural and social development in this place has made the quality of life great.

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